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By: tompmiller | April 08, 2016

A United States citizen can bring his fiancée (or her fiancé) from abroad into the U.S. on a Fiancé(e) K-1 Visa for the purpose of marrying that fiancé/fiancée.

The process starts with the U.S. citizen ("Petitioner") petitioning on Form I-129F for the foreign fiancé(e) ("Beneficiary"). The I-129F is filed domestically with the appropriate U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ("USCIS") office. The form must be supported by requisite documentation, including that the Petitioner and Beneficiary met in person within the last two (2) years (there are exceptions).

If the USCIS approves the I-129F Petition, the file is sent onto the U.S. Department of State's National Visa Center ("NVC"). The NVC runs a n...