Work Visas: H-1B L-1

Work Visa

With offices in Chicago and Wheaton, I counsel and represent individuals throughout Cook and DuPage Counties, and worldwide, I counsel and represent individuals who are considering work visas and employers considering petitioning for work visas for foreign employees. Work visas are non-immigrant visas, and include many employment based visas, but for professionals the most common types are H-1B visas and L-1 visas. Please contact me for a free intake to see which visa may be right for your or for your enterprise.

H-1B Specialty Occupation Visa

This is a non-immigrant visa for a temporary professional, specialty occupation worker. Typically, the prospective employee must have a bachelor’s degree, and the U.S. employer must need him/her for a position that requires a professional or specialty skills that cannot be filled with a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Note there are exceptions to this, which we can discuss with you. I can also help with a change of employer, portability issue. Whether you are the employer or employee, we can help you through regular or premium processing.  Please contact me for a free intake.

L-1 Intracompany Transfer Visa

This is a non-immigrant visa for either executives/managers (L-1A) or workers with specialty knowledge (L-1B). The individual must have been employed at a foreign affiliate of the U.S. company. Typically, the U.S. company/subsidiary/etc. must be at least 50% foreign owned. Often these visas are wrongfully thought of as large, multinational company visas, where in fact, they can be used to transfer valuable employees of small enterprises. Whether you are the employer or employee, I can help you through regular or premium processing. If you wish to explore your options, please contact me for a free intake.

Learn About Your Options

If you are not sure if you qualify for hiring or being hired under either of the above visas, please complete our quick intake form here.. I will get back to you and we can begin to explore your options together. Please keep in mind though, that until and unless we both sign an Attorney Client Agreement, I am not your attorney.